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Wooden Heart Magnet ref:MPG040310
Wooden Magnets ref:MPG039085
Description Wooden magnets available in 5 different models. High gloss photo Round 6cm, Square 7x7cm & 10x10cm, Rectangular 6x8 & 10x15cm
Description Wooden heart magnet. Available in two models, heart and broken heart High gloss photo 8x8cm
Ceramic Magnets ref:MPGTU051
Description Durable cermamic tile magnet, two models available. High gloss photo Round 6cm, Rectangular 7x5cm
Doming Effect Magnets ref:MPG038472
Description Plastic doming effect magnets, four models available High gloss photo Square 5.5x5.5cm, Heart 5.5x6.2cm, Round 6cm, Rectangular 7x5cm
Personalised Magnets
Magnetic Bookmarks ref:MPG030820
Description Personalise this fantastic flexible magnetic bookmark, a must for any keen reader! Personalise both sides Open dimension 4x14cm, Closed 4x7cm
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